Direct Funding

Direct Funding lets you manage your own attendant services. Do you have a physical disability? Do you use or need attendant help? Would you like more control, flexibility and choice in your life? Direct funding may be for you!

Direct Funding is a provincial program, so participants are able to move around the province with their funding intact. The provincial government funds the program through the Central Toronto Local Health Integration Network.

On this program, people with physical disabilities who require attendant care become the employer of their own attendants. Attendants assist with routine activities of living such as dressing, grooming and bathing.
Funds are provided on a monthly basis to manage expenses with an individualized budget.

The maximum service amount is 7 hours per day and it is higher for full-time ventilator users. Overnight coverage is also possible using flat rates.

Contact us today for an application form or go to This website is a great resource for people interested in the program and also for people who are already on the program.

Completed applications are reviewed in Toronto, and then placed on a chronological wait list for interview. Right now, the wait is 1 year for an interview.

Check out this testimonial from someone with first-hand experience on the program. Did You Know? with Amanda