The Peer Support Program

The Peer Support Program provides and promotes opportunities for people with disabilities to share information, ideas, life experiences and skills. We believe that it is through the context of a supportive peer environment that the individual can gain the skills and self-confidence needed to overcome barriers and learn to manage personal and community resources better.

This program encourages people with disabilities to speak with others and to share their thoughts, concerns and hopes with one another. Very often, peer support spontaneously occurs when people get together. With the Peer Support program, we want to see those occurrences happen more often.

At our centre, we conduct small informal gatherings which may include a guest speaker or may not. Brainstorming sessions take place on a regular basis at which people suggest topics for future events. We have had guest speakers come and talk about collective kitchens, budgeting, self esteem and goal setting, to name a few.

These gatherings are informal and a great opportunity for participants to talk to each other and make new friends.

We also conduct regular seminars in a public place with guest speakers. This provides another opportunity for people to come together and also to learn something new.

The public is welcome to attend also. Some of our topics have included the Ontario Disability Support Plan, the Assistive Devices Program, Things to Do in and Around London, and Acupuncture. Usually, after the speaker is finished there is plenty of time for refreshments and chatting with one another.


Check out our events calendar for information about upcoming Peer Support events.

If you have ideas or suggestions for future events, please contact the Centre’s Program Coordinator.